Contrast EP

by papersky

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This EP is the result of six months of independent work. In that time period, I have taught myself to sing, scream without destroying my voice and become an overall better musician and songwriter. After deleting take after take and scrapping entire songs, I finally have six tracks that I am happy with. I titled the EP "Contrast" because it explores many different styles of music and does not stick to one specific sound. Is it the best release the world has ever seen? No, but it's certainly the best six songs I've ever written (or arranged, in the case of the Deftones Cover).

For fans of Old Gray, La Dispute, Hotel Books, Tiny Moving Parts and Team Sleep.


released May 30, 2015

Mixed/Produced By: Julian H. (Fire In The Ocean)
Instruments played (with exception of VSTs such as Superior Drummer) by: Julian H. (Fire In The Ocean)
All vocals by: Julian H. (Fire In The Ocean)
Mixed/Produced on: Cubase Elements 7
Lyrics written by: Julian H. (Fire In The Ocean)
Artwork: Two clipart pictures from the internet and photoshop.

Huge thank you to my friends, family and anyone else who supported this project during the writing/recording process of this EP.

Hope none of this sounds too narcissistic.
Thank you all very much.



all rights reserved


papersky Wisbech, UK

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Track Name: Ethereal
I thought you came in one night
You were floating on the very air surrounding me
But as my vision cleared
I saw that it was no more
Than smoke from a dying cigarette
My curse is above me
Her view from the skylines
I wait for the day that I finally join you
Oh I remember when I first saw your eyes
Your ethereal pose, it kept me up at night
But now I stare at the ceiling way into the morning
My mind morphs the patterns in the shape of your face
Come back.
Track Name: As Birds
For one second
A flash of colour escapes my mind
It's so abrupt
It explodes upon this greyscale existence
It's only for a moment.
And then it is shunned, cast away
By those who live in this monotonous way.

Take my blood
Take my bones
What I believe will ascend to the sky
And leave you all behind.

Fighting this impending tide of whitewashed acceptance
I'll stand on my own
I'll go the distance for my dreams.

Take my blood
Take my bones
What I believe will ascend to the sky
And leave you all behind.
Track Name: The Misfortune of Paper
Perhaps our careless hands do scrabble at the dirt in some hope to find love, individuality and peace amongst the monotonous colour that sets itself into our vision.
Perhaps we lie to ourselves and live our lives in the makeshift skin of what we are not, and what we believe we have uncovered remains undisturbed.
Do I worry myself over the trivial? I suppose, but this far from your common itch. I cannot reach it, and to this day it taunts me.
As the nib of my pen scratches this battered page, I realize that our souls are no more fortunate than paper. Scribbled upon and then discarded, never given any more use other than to stoke a fire on a cold winter’s night. Even then, they are burned to ashes; the once meaningful words become distorted as the flame wraps its scalding fingers round them.
I know that I scrabble at this monotonous Earth, trying to uncover what I am and what I will one day become. I am accompanied by no one in this endeavor, but I refuse to give in yet.
The only time an interest is shown other than my own is when people tell me to give up, to simply live as others do, and to settle down until love finds me. Perhaps they know best but a naïve hope keeps me on my toes, telling me to go and discover myself and abolish my woes, and to ultimately find the ones I love and to live out the rest of my days with the comforting thought that I know myself.
As our paper souls are burned out at the end of life, the embers that dance through the air only dance in the throes of death, they mean nothing. Find yourself and this final display will matter.
Track Name: Be Quiet And Drive (Deftones Cover)
This town don't feel mine
I'm fast to get away

I dressed you in her clothes
Now drive me far - away, away, away

It feels good to know your mine
Now drive me far - away, away, away

I don't care where just far
Track Name: Dusk Over The Fields
Track Name: Better Places
I’d rather not spend time listening to the face that tells me that all my mistakes are okay
I took a trip down to the water’s edge
My eyes were filled with hope
For a new dawn
But I couldn’t see a thing.

My eyes have seen it all
You don’t know me
I wouldn’t let it go
You don’t know me
My eyes have seen it all
I don’t know me
I wouldn’t let it go
I don’t know me

My eyes have seen it all
I don't know me (x2)
I wouldn't let it go
I don't know me (x2)